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Who doesn’t want to make an extra special entrance on their wedding day? All eyes should be on you on your big day – and by travelling to the ceremony in style that will certainly be the case.

Milsom Weddings has 60 years’ experience of wedding planning, and we have witnessed arrivals of every kind at our wedding venues across Essex and Suffolk. Choose from a traditional or more unusual mode of transport to get your special day off to the perfect start.

Vintage vehicles

Vintage vehicles, including camper vans, limousines, open-top cars and even buses continue to be one of the most popular ways for brides and grooms to make their entrance.

The Rolls Royce Phantom, Ford Bramwith and Rolls Royce Silver Wraith are elegant vehicles that ooze class and sophistication – exactly what many couples want to experience on their big day.

Meanwhile, the old VW campervan offers something a little bit different to couples who have a more relaxed approach to life, and doubledecker buses can transport whole wedding parties between venues in style.

Horse-drawn carriage

Horse-drawn carriages are an incredibly popular, and elegant, way to arrive at your wedding – particularly if your venue is as regal and striking as Suffolk wedding venue Hengrave Hall, Suffolk, which is near Bury St Edmunds.

Many brides and grooms dream of being treated like royalty on their big day, and few modes of transport deliver that experience like a horse-drawn carriage.

If you like the idea, but would like to put your own twist on it, consider riding to your wedding on horseback or in a hay cart, or making an entrance on a sled pulled by horses, dogs or even reindeer.

Choose a tractor

If your wedding has a rustic theme, why not have a tractor and trailer take you to the ceremony? Or, if you or your betrothed are teachers, you could make the journey in a school bus. If you, your fiancé or one of your guests drives for a living, you could travel in more personal fashion.

Messing about in boats

If your wedding venue has a river or large lake nearby, consider arriving by boat. Nestled in the heart of Constable country, Essex wedding venue Le Talbooth, which is near Colchester, lends itself perfectly to arrival by boat; the river Stour runs beside the venue, enabling brides and grooms to make quite the entrance.

What could be better for an intimate, country wedding than greeting your guests from the water?

Take to the skies

This is your day, so do it your way. When a parent or family member is paying for an element of your wedding, it’s very easy to be railroaded into doing what they want; isn’t that the right thing to do? However kind their gesture, be sure to emphasise what you have in mind for your wedding. The chances are they’ll love it just as much as you do – or will be prepared to compromise for something you’ll all adore.


For the daring, a hot air balloon, helicopter or vintage plane all offer ways of making an exciting entrance at your wedding – especially if you do so without any warning! Nobody would expect it.

Of course, make sure your chosen method of transport has permission to travel to a land near your venue before booking anything.

If your budget won’t stretch to a private boat or limousine, no matter – you can turn heads on public transport. Steam engines are a particularly popular way of arriving in style if you can time things right. A vehicle that means a lot to you, such as a first car, can also make a fantastic wedding car.

So, the only real limit on arriving in style on your wedding day is your imagination.

...love the Milsom Weddings team

Fri 26 May 2017, Milsom Weddings


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