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Choosing a wedding date is the first big decision that you’re likely to make as a couple approaching matrimony. While your choices of venue, menu and everything in between will come in time, deciding upon the date that you’ll acknowledge and celebrate every year is a process that will take some coordination.

As soon as you announce that you’re due to be married, well-meaning friends and family members are likely to ask you when they should turn up. So, what are you going to tell them, and how will you approach that decision?


Think about the time of year

First thing’s first: decide upon the time of year that you’d like your wedding to take place. Are you hoping for an outdoorsy wedding during the height of the summer, when you’ll be able to make the most of incredible views such as the Dedham Vale that surrounds Maison Talbooth in Essex?

Or would you prefer an intimate affair that occurs in the dead of the winter, when roaring log fires and mulled wine are the order of the day? Although the summer is traditionally wedding season, more couples are opting for nuptials in late autumn and winter. What is your dream season?


Factor your venue’s availability

Before you settle upon a date, think about where you’d like to get married. We have a series of stunning wedding venues across Suffolk and Essex, and it will come as no surprise that each one is booked months, if not years, in advance. Kesgrave Hall near Ipswich boasts stunning parklands, impressive interiors and striking exteriors – Is it little wonder that we have couples queuing up to get married here?

If you’ve set your heart on a venue, then speak to its wedding or events team about possible dates. Their availability should give you some idea about when you’ll be able to send those “save the date” cards out. Oh, and if you’re hiring the services of an independent wedding planner and require him or her to be free on your big day, then it’ll be well worth your while to sync your calendar with theirs.


Choose a date that means something

If you’ve still got a few dates to choose from once you’ve spoken to your venue, then think about those special occasions that have occurred during your relationship. Could you get married on the date that you first met, the date of your first romantic getaway or a date that means something to your family?

Many couples find that this method of choosing a wedding date ensures that anniversaries are even easier to remember, but we won’t comment on the logistics of such a matter!


Consider family and friends

It’s certainly true that your wedding day is all about you, but it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without your nearest and dearest to raise a toast alongside you. Speak to your VIGs, or Very Important Guests. On which dates are they free? Which dates are out?

Arrange your calendar to include the times of year and days that these people are available. Could you really imagine getting married without them? With a little coordination and compromise, a clear winner should become obvious relatively quickly.


Check your budget

Your budget will play a big part in deciding the wedding date you choose. The time of year that you get married will not only affect the weather that you might expect on the day but also the price that you’ll be paying. The summertime is traditionally more expensive, as the wedding season spans the months of May through September.

Saturdays are also popular amongst brides and grooms. Can you afford the premiums that venues and suppliers are likely to be charging? If not, then consider getting married out of season or choosing a midweek date. Both are becoming increasingly popular amongst savvy couples.


These are just some of the ways that you and your intended can go about choosing your wedding date. You may have another trick up your sleeves, of course. Remember that this isn’t any old date, but one that will be cemented in your hearts and minds forever, so choose wisely. The team at Milsom Weddings has more than sixty years’ experience coordinating weddings of every kind and will be more than happy to assist you with your planning. Until then, we wish you every success in the lead-up to your big day.


...love the Milsom Weddings team

Thu 27 Jul 2017, Milsom Weddings