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No couple wants rain on their wedding day (even if it’s supposed to be good luck!), but the more you prepare for this situation, the happier you will be if it does happen. We’ve put together some fantastic tips will help you make the best of a rainy wedding day.

It’s all in the planning…

Having a wedding planner is a fantastic idea for your wedding day. They have usually seen all different scenarios and can assist you should the rain cause any problems. Work with your planner to create a Plan B from the beginning to ensure that you are prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Having a ‘safe’ location can put your mind at ease as this ensures you will a fantastic location to have your photos taken in regardless of the weather.

Speak to your photographer

Make sure you ask your photographer if they know what to do in case it rains. You may have to shoot in another location or with a different camera, for example, and it is important to know that your photographer is prepared and skilled enough to get the best possible pictures of your day. There are, of course, ways to use the rain to your advantage for your photoshoot, such as using lighting techniques to use the raindrops as a sparkly backdrop. Remember, smile! A few drops of rain are not the be all and end all of your wedding day, you can still have a fantastic day and some truly stunning pictures taken.

Protection from the rain

Colourful wellies and matching umbrellas will offer your protection from the rain, while they can also be used for cute and quirky photos if you get colours to match the theme of your wedding. Using umbrellas with LED lights in could look fantastic for nighttime photos. Bringing towels also allows you to dry areas ready for your photos, such as benches, ready for your photos.

Make-up and hair

On a rainy day is it essential to use water-resistant make-up and humidity-resistant hair products. Your make-up and hair artists will know the best tips and tricks to ensure your make-up and hair are done in a way to ensure the rain has as little effect on your look as possible. It is also worth asking the artists beforehand if they can stay late for a retouch before the reception. This way you will be more willing to go out in the rain!

We have some fantastic venues for a truly special wedding day in Suffolk and Essex. Le Talbooth in Essex has a stunning marquee set beside the naturally beautiful River Stour for a picture perfect wedding day. Maison Talbooth, a luxurious country house hotel in Essex, is perfect for a more initmate wedding. Kesgrave Hall is a magnificent Georgian mansion nestled in 40 acres of impressive parklands in Suffolk which would provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.

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Fri 24 Jun 2016, Milsom Weddings


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Following the decision made by the Government, our businesses are now closed until we receive further information about when it is safe to open our doors once again.Our wedding team are still on hand to help you with you plans on [email protected] and will respond as quickly as possible whilst working remotely.

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