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Milsom Weddings

Many traditions began as trends… so with changing times there’s no need to feel guilty for doing things differently. No two relationships are the same and at Milsom Weddings we appreciate that all our couples have unique ideas and dreams for their big day.

A Milsom bride knows her own mind as much as she does her sense of style and we believe that’s something your special day should reflect – and we’re here to help ensure it does.

Some trends stand the test of time, like candlelight, calligraphy and communal dining but others may not suit a millennial mindset. When it comes to something old vs something new, you don’t need permission to break the rules. We’ll help you tailor your day to suit your tastes – not tradition.

Our brides often ask us if they can break with convention (and it’s a big ‘hell yeah’ in case you’re wondering). Here’s some of our answers to put your mind at rest:

Do I have to have a traditional vintage wedding car?

How you make an entrance is your prerogative. Whether you choose to walk bare foot across Hengrave Hall’s sweeping lawn or prefer to sail across the River Stour on our electric boat, Kathleen, at Le Talbooth – it’s your journey and it’s your choice.

Do I have to get hitched indoors?

Absolutely not. If the great outdoors is more your bag than the ballroom is, find the venue that gives you the most freedom. Our peaceful and picturesque pool house at Maison Talbooth gives you the perfect space for an intimate outdoor wedding and offers shelter if needed.

Does my wedding have to be limited to one day?

Let’s face facts, you’re only planning on getting married once. So, you can be forgiven for wanting your big day to last as long as possible. Why not make a weekend of it? Our venues can accommodate a full family takeover and exclusive hire if you need it. We appreciate many of your guests will have travelled some distance to share your celebrations, so our welcome extends beyond your big day. Guests can relax in the spa at Maison Talbooth and enjoy pamper treatments the day before the wedding, a rehearsal dinner for a meet and greet and even brunch parties the day after before you all part for next adventures.

Do I have to have a top table?

Not at all. We can accommodate any seating plan, or no plan at all. In fact, we’ve designed Maison Talbooth to create the perfect informal setting where services are strictly ‘no formal seating’ and meals are served bowl-food style allowing guests to mingle and munch. The same applies to speeches – choose when you want them to happen – time is yours to toast as and when you wish.

Do I have to have a traditional sit-down dinner?

As far as our chefs are concerned, the food of love is the most important part of your day…but that doesn’t mean they’re traditionalists. We love nothing more than getting creative in the kitchen and pride ourselves on unique menus tailored for every appetite, guest and palate. Whether you opt for guests to carve at each table or choose more relaxed sharing platters, smorgasbords, BBQs or bowl food – we’re on board to bring you the banquet.

Do we have to have a first dance?

If you’re more two-left feet than footloose we’ll help you find an alternative to the first dance focus…maybe try a piñata or hire a performer? However quirky your thoughts, our ears are as open as our minds.

Do I have to wear white?

It’s your day, so do it your way. And if white’s not your preferred colour, or your dream dress doesn’t conform to the spectrum, follow your heart, trust your instincts and dare to be different. With its luxury, elegance and Tudor history, Hengrave Hall makes a regal statement and as Kesgrave Hall’s Georgian mansion oozes magnificence, you can let your venue reflect your ‘something old’ and let your style determine your dress (and if it’s something blue, so be it).

You’ve waited a long time for this day. Make it unique. Make it memorable. Make it Milsoms.

...love the Milsom Weddings team

Wed 10 Oct 2018, Milsom Weddings