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Milsom Weddings

What was once just used as an indicator to seat guests, table signs are now incorporated into the wedding theme.

We are seeing various examples of this, including:
• Memorable dates such as first date, proposal date, wedding date etc
• Countries the couple have visited
• Champagne houses
• Photos of the couple at the age of the table (pictures aged 1/2/3)
• Football teams/players
• Concerts

The table signs range from homemade card to elaborate Perspex or glass. These are then used to decorate the couples homes afterwards as a constant memento of their wedding day.

Table plans too have evolved from printed card & hand written lists to mirrors beautifully etched with special ink to chalk boards to link with the table signs.

We are seeing more signage in The Hangar than ever before, with welcome signs, “pick a seat not a side” and timings for the day all incorporated into the day. Couples are choosing to provide their guests with an itinerary for the day especially if additional entertainment is provided.

...love the Milsom Weddings team

Fri 8 Jun 2018, Milsom Weddings