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Your wedding day will (hopefully) be one of the best and most important days of your life, however it can also be one of the most stressful! We’ve done our research and found the top tips for a smooth wedding day.

  • Appoint a checker – This may sound a little odd but ask one person, whether it’s a member of your family or simply a friend, to check on you. This day is all about you and your significant other, but more often than not you’ll be so busy making sure your guests are having fun and have eaten that you’ll forget to do these things yourself! Ask a trusted friend or family member to make sure you’ve eaten and had enough to drink throughout the day, otherwise the evening will arrive and you’ll be too exhausted to enjoy yourself.
  • Take time out – Although it is lovely to be surrounded by your friends and family celebrating such a special day, this is a day about you and the one you’re marrying! Remember to take time away from the crowds, just be together and soak in the importance of the day. Add time on to your schedule to ensure you do have moments you can sneak away in.
  • Assign a key contact – Pick someone you trust and who has excellent organisational skills to be the point of contact for your suppliers. You won’t want to talk to them on the day and even if you did, you’ll be far too busy. Pick someone not part of the main wedding party, like an aunt or uncle, that way if need be they can rush over to help with anything important but won’t be missing from key parts of the wedding.
  • Hand out a schedule – Email out a schedule that can be printed and kept in pockets or handbags on the day so that your guests know where they should be and when. Include a map with the schedule to make sure no one gets lost and causes delays. This should hopefully save you and the groom from being bombarded by texts and phone calls from guests who don’t know where they’re supposed to be!
  • Delegate – We’ve already talked about assigning a couple of key jobs to people but to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible it’s a great help to delegate jobs to people willing to help out. Write out a list of jobs that will need doing throughout the day or anything that needs to happen and a list of people willing to help, then assign jobs to whoever you think is best suited. This should destress you and the groom as the most important people and also make a lot of people feel like an important part of your special day! Assign jobs such as someone to make sure your belongings are where you need them to be, a clean-up team for the next day (depending on your venue and suppliers), someone to look after gifts etc.
  • Have an emergency kit bag – This is our final tip and one of the ones you’ll be so happy to have! We don’t want to jinx any weddings but if you don’t have any back-ups or emergency kits it’s more than likely something will go wrong! Ask one of the bridal party to keep a little kit on her with essentials for the day. Our recommended list includes:
    A variety of safety pins
    Clear nail polish
    Hair grips
    Needle and thread
    Double sided tape
    Blister plasters
    Pain killers
    Dental Floss
    Chalk for your dress


Hopefully these top tips will be a help on your special day, add and edit it to suit your big day and then print it off and use it as a check list!

For a truly stress-free day book with Milsom Weddings for the most beautiful wedding venues in Essex and Suffolk and let the expert wedding team help to plan your perfect day.

...love the Milsom Weddings team

Thu 24 Mar 2016, Milsom Weddings