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Plan your guest list – The best starting point in finding the perfect wedding venue is by working out how many guests you’ll be inviting. There’s no point choosing a venue for 300 wedding guests when you’ll only be inviting 50, equally you can’t book a venue for 80 guests and then bring along 120 and expect them to squeeze in. Milsom Weddings has stunning wedding venues in Essex and Suffolk with capacity for a number of different guests, from an intimate affair with 30 guests in Le Talbooth’s Weavers Room, to 300 wedding guests in The Hangar at Kesgrave Hall.

Set your budget – The budget is obviously also a major factor in the wedding planning process. You also need to be realistic with your budget and make sure you plan for all the things you want to see on the day. The Milsom Weddings website has a great tool where you can get a rough estimate of what your dream day with Milsom Weddings may cost.

Book in advance – If there’s a specific venue you have your heart set on, then booking it early is important to avoid heartbreak. Popular locations like the stunning Essex and Suffolk wedding venues Milsom Weddings offer get booked up many months in advance, so don’t miss out.

Location – Check out the location of the venue beforehand, if you want a church wedding then see how far any churches may be from the venues you’re looking at. You can find all of the churches near Milsom Weddings’ beautiful Essex and Suffolk wedding venues here. Many of Milsom Weddings’ venues are licensed for civil ceremonies meaning you don’t have to worry about getting all your guests from one location to another. For any wedding guests who may be travelling for your big day you should consider accommodation near to the venue, Milsom have some of Essex and Suffolk’s most beautiful hotels which provide a perfect special stay for your guests.

Visit the venue – Check out the venue a few times once you’re really considering it for your special wedding day. It’s important to see the venue at different times of day, if you first visit at 10am but your ceremony won’t be until 4pm then the venue will seem very different and could affect the way you would use it. Always visit if the venue is open for a wedding fayre so you can get an idea of how the venue looks when it’s dressed for an event. Check the Milsom Weddings blog page for regular updates on any upcoming wedding fayres.

Think about the theme – It’s worth thinking about the style of wedding you want or any themes you’ve been considering when looking at wedding venues. If your dream wedding is a grand, lavish affair then Milsoms Kesgrave Hall would be perfect with its stunning grounds and majestic décor. For a more relaxed, intimate and romantic day a smaller chic venue like Maison Talbooth is perfect to take over with your wedding party.

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Thu 28 Jan 2016, Milsom Weddings


Milsom Weddings Update

Following the decision made by the Government, our businesses are now closed until we receive further information about when it is safe to open our doors once again.Our wedding team are still on hand to help you with you plans on [email protected] and will respond as quickly as possible whilst working remotely.

We appreciate your understanding at this time and look forward to seeing you very soon.

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