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With 2016 being a leap year, this is the perfect opportunity for women to take control and pop the question. Whether you just love your partner so much you want to ask him, or if you’re a bit of a unconventional couple, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner love is in the air right now.
The traditional date to propose is the 29th, but if you’re already bucking tradition by taking the reins and proposing to your man, then who are you to be bound to one date?!

Here are some top tips on a perfect leap year proposal…

  • Be 100% sure – Be certain that marriage is what both of you want right now. If marriage isn’t a topic that has been brought up before in your relationship then it may not be something that he’s completely ready for, or if you take him by surprise it could be too much for him to take in out of the blue and his reaction may not be the one you were hoping for.
  • Be sure he isn’t planning something – If the topic has been brought up a lot between the two of you or is something your partner has been talking about more often recently then could it be a possibility that he’s planning something himself? If you think it might be possible that he’s planning on proposing then perhaps wait until any special or significant dates pass first, just to be sure.
  • Do it for the right reason – Don’t simply propose just because you’re fed up of waiting for him to do it (this definitely isn’t a romantic reason). You don’t want to feel at all resentful afterwards because you feel as though you had no choice but to do it yourself.
  • Think about him – Tailor the proposal to his tastes and likes, you might like candles and rose petals but they might not be his favourites, so take into consideration what he likes doing and his personality. If he’s a quiet person then proposing in a crowded room of people where all eyes fall on the pair of you may scare him off.
  • Be prepared to be tough – Many people may not be as open-minded and modern as yourself and can’t get their head around the idea of an untraditional marriage proposal. Some people may not seem as happy at first as you expect them to be as they try to get used to the idea, but don’t worry too much because the people who love you will be happy for you, plus everyone loves a wedding!


Follow up the perfect proposal with the perfect wedding venue. Milsom Weddings offers the most stunning wedding venues in Essex and Suffolk. From an intimate chic wedding venue perfect with Maison Talbooth for up to 50 guests, to the romantic riverside setting of Le Talbooth or even the elegant and impressive Kesgrave Hall in Suffolk, Milsom Weddings has the perfect venue for any wedding. Get in touch with the Milsom Weddings team today to discuss your wedding.

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Thu 4 Feb 2016, Milsom Weddings