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Milsom Weddings

For the team here at Jades Floral Design, the summer of 2015 flew by in a whirlwind of weddings, roses and romance! Although we have many beautiful winter weddings to look forward to we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our work over the last few months. We were fortunate enough to create some unique and inspirational designs for some unique and inspirational couples!  One such wedding took place in the summer of 2015 at Le Talbooth in Dedham.

This particular wedding really showcases the versatility of Le Talbooth.  Le Talbooth is a venue that truly lets our imagination run wild and allows us to do what we do best – create unforgettable weddings!  Besides being set in a stunning location, with incredible caterers (trust us – we’ve tried the food!) their marquee is an amazing space that always excites us – as designers it offers us so many opportunities.

The bride and groom wanted a natural, woodland look to their wedding and the best way that they could describe their vision to us was by referring to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  Le Talbooth lent itself perfectly to this brief, being located in the beautiful Essex countryside, set in stunning grounds, next to a winding river. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand their vision and ultimately exceed their expectations, so we couldn’t wait to create something spectacular for this lovely couple!

If you are newly engaged and looking for wedding inspiration, or if you simply appreciate beautiful design, we hope you enjoy the photographs of this remarkable wedding!

Beverley Nichols – Floral Designer at Jades Flower Design (01376 563111)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

First of all we dressed both entrances to the marquee to ensure that guests felt as though they were entering a wooded wonderland, creating a seamless transition from the outside setting to the inside.

Once inside, it was important that the marquee looked as though it was intertwined with its natural surroundings.   We dressed the marquee poles with trees to give the impression that they were growing through the marquee floor. The team then individually secured fresh flowers such Amnesia Roses, Amaranthus and Ivy to each tree and covered their bases with moss to provide a natural yet luxurious feel.

On the tables immediate impact was created by placing trees on top of the tables, giving guests the illusion that they were dining under a wooded canopy.  Creating height is so important when dressing a marquee.  The ceilings are so vast that it is crucial to fill the empty space.  Tall arrangements can be easily seen by guests from all angles of the marquee and looks simply spectacular in photographs.

As well as the installing the trees we designed loose arrangements for the other tables, using foliage such as Asparagus Fern, Eucalyptus, Asparagus Meyers, Alchemilla Mollis, Pittosporum and Ivy to provide a variety of textures. We then added some luxurious roses such as Talea and Jana spray roses to ensure that the arrangements complemented the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets.  Last of all, we couldn’t resist adding a cheeky cherub or two to frame either side of the top table!

[gallery_lemongrid images=”23645,23644,23643,23641,23642″ cell_height=”120″ space=”20″ element_id=”1449767238189-443369f7-24e5″ template=”gallery_lemongrid.php”]

Once night fell, the marquee lit up with the candles, fairy lights and tea-lights and was transformed into a truly magical space.

We are lucky enough to have a huge array of accessories to ensure that each wedding is lit beautifully in the evening as it is so important to also think about the evening reception, not just the daylight hours.  The marquee transformed into s mystical, magical woodland, just as the couple had wished for.

We hope that you agree that this was an unforgettable wedding! We couldn’t leave however without including photographs of some of the other weddings that we have created at Le Talbooth – they are simply too gorgeous to be missed!  If you feel inspired and would like to talk to us about your upcoming wedding please call us on 01376 563111 or e-mail [email protected] and pop over for a coffee.  As you can probably tell, we LOVE talking about weddings! x

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...love the Milsom Weddings team

Fri 11 Dec 2015, Milsom Weddings


Milsom Weddings Update

Following the decision made by the Government, our businesses are now closed until we receive further information about when it is safe to open our doors once again.Our wedding team are still on hand to help you with you plans on [email protected] and will respond as quickly as possible whilst working remotely.

We appreciate your understanding at this time and look forward to seeing you very soon.

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