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Milsom Weddings

We have seen a real change in wedding gifts. Historically a couple would register with a department store and select all of those homewares that they would like to receive. You would walk round scanning items then send details to your guests within the invitation.

The beauty of this being you would receive a list from the store with details of which guests purchased which item (fantastic when sending your thank you’s) In most cases this would be the first time the couple lived together and therefore their new home would be furnished curtesy of their wedding presents. Canteens of cutlery, small Home appliances, bales of towels and glassware were all key items of any list.

The majority of couples now ask for money towards their homes, honeymoons or even as one couple money towards repairing their roof!

Gift tables are still present though these are then mainly used to hold the “gift post box” or other similar vessel to receive the wedding cards. We see homemade post boxes, wicker baskets, wine crates or hired in traditional “London post boxes”.

We still see some gifts with bottles of bubbly being the favourite gift (who doesn’t enjoy a bottle of bubbles). We find some still do not like providing cash as a present and will give gifts.

A firm favourite recently we had a wedding in which the groom gave the bride a puppy as a gift. The delightful pup was named Milsom and you can often see the tales of “super pup Milsom” on his own Instagram site (remember a dog is for life not just for weddings!)

If you get stuck then we sell gift vouchers and have many offers that do not show a value if you need inspiration!

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...love the Milsom Weddings team

Wed 27 Jun 2018, Sarah Oliver


Milsom Weddings Update

Following the decision made by the Government, our businesses are now closed until we receive further information about when it is safe to open our doors once again.Our wedding team are still on hand to help you with you plans on [email protected] and will respond as quickly as possible whilst working remotely.

We appreciate your understanding at this time and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Take care.