Milsom Weddings

Hi Gwenny

We have just returned from our Honeymoon and wanted to drop you a line regarding our wedding on Friday 21st June.

In simple terms, the experience that you and the team created for us was absolutely faultless! There was not one single element of the day that we felt not up to our desired standard.

On this basis, you will not be surprised to hear that we feel the whole Milsoms Wedding experience surpassed our expectations.

We have had several guests mention to us that they were so impressed on how the appearance of the venue appeared to change effortlessly as the day progressed in to evening, and how the venue/location created a relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere.

We of course wanted to say “Thank you” which sounds like a throw away comment, and doesn’t really illustrate the regard in which we hold you and the team, but we will say it none the less!

We look forward to returning to the venue again in the near future, where I am sure we will have another memorable stay.

Thanks once again

J and L S


Jordon Spencer Cert.RP the Milsom Weddings team

Fri 16 Aug 2019, Sue Bunting