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Having a wedding cake has been a tradition going back centuries. It is thought to have brought luck to the bride and groom and all those who ate the cake. A tier was usually saved for a special occasion such as the christening of their first born.

It is usually served after the wedding breakfast with coffee and would be on display during the wedding breakfast. It is photographed along with the traditional “cake cutting shoot” and often continues the theme of the wedding.

A wedding cake traditionally had many layers and was a fruit cake. It would be iced in royal icing with a layer of marzipan and flowers matching the bride’s bouquet.

Fast forward to modern day and the cake has evolved. Still usually on display for the wedding breakfast and served after the meal, it has though been brought up to date. We are seeing naked cakes, cup cakes and cake projections (plain cakes that are then used as a backdrop for a projector).

We are seeing all flavours with lemon, carrot, vanilla and, of course, chocolate appearing in the top flavours. The traditional fruit cake is rarely seen and if it appears then it is a small top tier for older members of the family. We are seeing more dietary requirements and these too are incorporated with there often being a gluten free or dairy free tier.

We see a mix of cakes from those made professionally to those made by a family member (or even purchased from a supermarket and decorated).

Some choose not to have a cake and go for a donut tower, cupcakes or even a “cheese cake”. Our assitant manager at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall, Sarah, chose the latter option for her wedding (being a non sweet person) and selected a cheese & pork pie cake – six layers of the finest English cheeses and pork pie ( this was served with the evening food and was enjoyed by all, especially the wedding party at 2am!)

Our final suggesting is that you serve your favourite cake to your guests. If you can’t agree, then opt for different tiers! We always ensure a selection of the cake is saved for the bride and groom (because who doesn’t like cake at 2am?!).

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Tue 12 Jun 2018, Sarah Oliver