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Finding the right florist for you is always key to getting started on bringing your ideas to life! You need someone whose work excites and inspires you, who is willing to take your dreams and help you make them a reality, and someone who you enjoy working with. Word of mouth is always a good place to start, but if you don’t have any trustworthy recommendations to go by then research, research, research!

Search engines will be the first place you’ll inevitably go, it’s useful to look through every part of a florist’s website so you can get a feel for their style, look through all the images on their site to see if the kind of designs they’ve created previously are what you like. Testimonials and awards the florist may have won are great for reassurance of quality so make sure to look for these too.

Other ways to find a florist could be through your venue as they may have suppliers they would recommend. Milsom Weddings have a selection of trusted florists who we would happily recommend and can assure you of their expertise and quality from having worked with them for a number of years, you can find them on our suppliers page. Magazines, blogs and social media are also great tools for inspiration and finding florists you may not otherwise have discovered.

Once you’ve found the perfect florist for you, it’s time to start thinking about the flowers you’d like to have on your day and the bouquet you’ve dreamed about! Most florists recommend buying your dress before coming to them to design your bouquet as they can work to create one that compliments and enhances the shape and style of your dress, a big dress may need a big bouquet, but if you’re a little on the short side, then a trailing bouquet is probably not for you.

Take in some pictures of your dress or you wearing your dress so the florist can see your style and the shape. Mood-boards relating to your colour scheme or theme are helpful, as well as any ideas of the colours and types of flowers you might want for your special day, the florist can use these to get an idea of the colours, blooms, and sizes that would best suit your wedding. Pinterest is great for finding inspiration and creating mood-boards, Milsom Weddings have a beautiful selection of Pinterest boards to influence and excite you.

Once you and your florist have discussed all the details and essentials such as pricing and the best blooms for the season, you can begin with the fun part of designing your bouquet and tying in your other wedding flowers such as the bridesmaids’ bouquets and button-holes for the groomsmen to match!

Milsom Weddings have a variety of beautiful and unique wedding venues in Essex and Suffolk as well as a superb team who can help you design your dream wedding day from start to finish with the help of our trusted suppliers.

We also have fabulous hotel accommodation options for you to choose from when planning your special day, so you can be sure you have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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+ Sue Bunting the Milsom Weddings team

Wed 25 Nov 2015, Milsom Weddings