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Rosie& Jonathan's Wedding Day

We booked the whole of Milsoms and Talbooth House & Spa for our wedding because most of our guests were coming from London or much further afield, so we wanted to make it an opportunity to spend time with them outside of the wedding day. That meant we needed to organise for all of our closest friends to stay near by – Talbooth House & Spa was the perfect accommodation for the bridal party and nearby Milsoms provided rooms for all of our close friends.

The Milsoms Group has always been a part of our most important moments, from our first date at Milsoms in 2013 to our engagement celebration at Le Talbooth in 2021, and so it seemed fitting that we looked in to booking them as our base for the weekend! It could not have been more perfect if we tried.

Friday provided the perfect warm-up before our big day. The afternoon was spent sunbathing around the beautiful private pool with drinks and incredible spa treatments for those who wanted one… I recommend the massage! Our guests appreciated the chance to arrive early and settle into their surroundings before the main event. In the evening we had a BBQ at the Talbooth House & Spa where some of our guests were shuttled over from milsoms. The welcome drinks on the terrace and an informal dinner inside were a real highlight of our weekend, in part due to Rosie’s impromptu speech!

Whilst our wedding ceremony and reception was a short drive away at a family farm, Talbooth House & Spa was a central part of our wedding day. The bridesmaids, the mums and Rosie got ready down at the pool house – we cannot recommend this enough! It was honestly the most perfect, relaxing start to Rosie’s wedding day. The staff kindly delivered breakfast to us at the pool house so we didn’t have to go anywhere, and what better place to combine champagne, hair, and make up than a Spa? The boys had the whole house to get ready in and walked over to Milsoms to join the rest of the guests and have breakfast. Milsoms provided a great meeting point for all wedding guests, and from there we organized coaches to the ceremony. Talbooth House & Spa was a great venue to come back to after an amazing day, great rooms, a beautiful venue, and of course Jack’s bar!

As a wedding planner myself, I would really recommend thinking about that time before and after your wedding. The wedding day is always going to go by in a flash, so having your nearest and dearest around you on the days before and after just gives you that extra quality time to spend with them.

We cannot recommend Talbooth House & Spa and all Milsoms Group properties enough. Especially as a base for your big day.

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Tue 21 Nov 2023, Kieran