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Planning a wedding in less than a year

In the world of weddings, we’re constantly led to believe that more time = less stress. More time to spend researching, more time to find that dream outfit, more time to finesse the finer details. It’s often for these reasons that couples are hesitant around booking late availability slots with venues, believing it won’t give them sufficient planning time. However, far from alleviating stress, having a seemingly infinite amount of time to agonise over every small detail can, in fact, make the process far more stressful. 

With over 70 years party planning experience, the Milsom Weddings team have been involved in weddings of all shapes and sizes – from intimate gatherings at Talbooth House & Spa, to big bang celebrations in the marquee at Talbooth and Kesgrave Hall. Here, they reveal why, breaking the mould, and considering a late availability wedding booking could be the recipe for planning paradise.


Smarter spending

It may sound contradictory, but, despite having less time to save in the lead up to the wedding, there can be cost-savings associated with planning in a shorter timeframe. Venues are often happy to offer reductions or late availability packages, and suppliers will be open to considering more competitive pricing or last-minute deals if your wedding fills a gap in their schedule. With a more focussed budget, you’re also likely to better prioritise your spend on the areas which really matter to you both, as opposed to getting caught up with the smaller details which can mount up cost-wise.

Fall in love with the venue, not the date

You’ll always remember the day you got married, but this won’t be thanks to the date itself – it will be as a result of the atmosphere you created by bringing everyone you love together – this is the job of the venue. So, while the date may seem important, the bigger decision is how you use that date to curate the perfect space for bringing together friends and family to celebrate with you both. Essentially location first, date second, even if that means booking slightly more last-minute than you’d planned.

It’s your day, do it your way

More time to plan often means more time spent managing other people’s preferences and priorities which, however helpfully intended, detracts from what’s most important about a wedding – you as a couple. With less planning time, you can’t afford to have too many decision-makers, giving you the space to focus on what’s most important to you and your partner.


Planning shared is planning halved

With a shorter timeframe to plan, you’re more likely to hand over control of some elements of your day to your team of suppliers and allow them to do what they do best – planning an unforgettable day for you and your partner. Professional suppliers won’t be phased by working to a tight deadline, so put your trust in them, and instead focus your attention on the areas only you can take care of. Don’t be afraid to accept last-minute wedding prep help from family and friends as well – with a shorter planning-time, they’ll be keen to be involved, so pick your best volunteers and direct their support to specific areas.

You can’t sweat the small stuff

Every couple wants to put their personal stamp on their wedding day, but all too often, couples get bogged down in the tiny details, which on the day, often, go unnoticed. Having a limited timeframe to plan focusses your attention on the bigger picture and the key details which will be more impactful.


Building momentum = building excitement

There’s often a danger with longer lead time weddings that, after the excitement of the engagement and initial flurry of planning, everything can fall a bit flat. Suppliers are focussed on weddings taking place that year, and friends and family (however enthusiastic) can’t sustain their engagement excitement throughout the whole planning period. However, booking a late availability wedding, means friends, family and suppliers are fully engaged with your wedding from the get-go.

Kick off your 2024 wedding planning

This is just a very small insight into the tips and tricks our experienced team of wedding planners have to offer. We still have late availability for peak summer 2024 wedding dates, so, why not book into one of Open Days to explore our venues and meet the team – we’d love to hear more about your wedding plans and how we might be able to help in creating your special day. the Milsom Weddings team

Thu 14 Dec 2023, Kieran