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Getting to grips with your wedding menu can feel a little like choosing who to invite to your wedding in the first place: from canapés and starters, to reception drinks and desserts, you’re no doubt conscious of keeping everyone happy – and well fed.

If you’re daunted by the thought of choosing a meal that appeals to all your guests, allow us to guide you through the menu minefield…

Consider the kind of day you’re having

Will your wedding be a grand, formal affair with more than a hundred guests, or something a little more intimate? Are you planning your nuptials for the height of the summer, or will yours be a winter wedding?

The kind of day you’re planning and the number of guests you’ve invited will be integral to your choice of food for the day; a menu chosen for a small garden wedding in June may not tantalise your guests on an autumnal October’s day. There are numerous catering selections to choose between, including formal dinners, buffets, a cocktail party with canapés, or an outdoor menu such as a hog roast or BBQ.

Oh, and don’t forget your budget

Prior to setting your heart on a particular menu, it’s absolutely vital that you check your budget and enquire about the cost of certain ingredients and dishes. How much can you afford to pay per head?

Are you getting married out of season when some local dishes may be more expensive to source? There’s a world of difference when it comes to sit down meals versus buffets, and you may find that one option suits you, and your guests, more comfortably than others.

Try to keep things simple

It’s very easy to get carried away and choose all manner of weird and wonderful ingredients for your wedding day menu. After all, is it not the perfect occasion for you to dine on lobster, caviar, and foreign dishes impossible to pronounce? Of course! But before you plan a feast fit for a king, remember that not everybody will like what you fancy, and that some ingredients are likely to cost far more than others.

As difficult as it may be, try to restrain. Dishes such as beef, chicken, and lamb never go out of fashion, and can be tailored to suit just about any theme and budget. Besides, you’re bound to please most of your guests if you stick to a classic menu – or at least provide a more traditional option alongside your more fanciful food.

Don’t forget special dietary requirements

Whether you have an auntie with an allergy or a family friend who is fruitarian, it’s always a good idea to provide for special dietary requirements in your wedding menu. Your guests are an important part of your celebrations, after all. Speak to your caterer in advance of the big day to enquire about these kinds of options and find out how much you’ll be expected to pay for deviations from your main menu.

It’s also essential that you ask guests to inform you of their dietary needs when they RSVP, as not all specialist requirements can be catered for without prior warning. Now is also the time to discuss children’s menus with your caterer. What can they offer your mini-guests?

Find your perfect menu with Milsom Weddings

At Milsom Weddings we are immensely proud of our catering services. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we know how important a role food and drink will play in your wedding celebrations. Our catering services are the perfect accompaniment to your Essex or Suffolk wedding, with comprehensive menus provided for each of our venues. Whether you’d prefer a lighter menu to complement an intimate wedding at Le Talbooth, or something a little grander for your big day at Hengrave Hall, we are adamant we can appease your appetite.

To learn more about our catering services please visit our dedicated webpage. We cannot wait to introduce you to a host of inspiring menus to perfectly complement your special day.

...love the Milsom Weddings team

Fri 21 Apr 2017, Milsom Weddings